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Is your plan to stay put in your own home as you age?  A Village here in Providence can help. 


We are a group of friends and neighbors creating a Village here in Providence, and our vision is to provide a single source of access to programs and services that support a healthy, safe, and satisfying life for our members.  Joining The Providence Village will allow you to remain independent and in your own home as long as possible, while also connecting you to other members who may become your friends. 


Some of the benefits that we offer (or will soon) are transportation, companionship, errands, simple home maintenance, and technical support.   These services are designed to help people with tasks such as changing a lightbulb in a high ceiling fixture, fixing a leaky faucet, or getting a ride to the doctor’s office.  For those who do not need this type of service, joining the Village is a good insurance policy.  If you should happen to become sick, injured, or have surgery, you can rest assured that you will have someone to call upon when you need help.  Meanwhile, you can benefit from the Village by participating in social and cultural activities.


We have already been hosting social and organizational functions since the spring of 2015, and will continue doing so.  Some functions are for large groups, while others are for small groups of people getting together in each other’s homes.  Our monthly newsletter and our website calendar list our upcoming events.


We plan to offer classes and discussion groups and connect people to already existing classes and groups.  We want to provide access to classes that enrich our minds, bodies, and spirits.   Examples of possible activities or classes include Tai Chi, Yoga, Foreign Languages, The Arts, Book Clubs, and Healthy Living.

Future plans include Healthcare Advocacy


Assisting our members with healthcare issues is a core value of the Providence Village. We believe such advocacy builds a stronger community through the empowerment our members as intelligent consumers of health care and as people who intend to age wisely and well. Our volunteers will receive the training and support needed to enable them to help others through both acute care episodes and the challenges of life with chronic illness.  There are many ways to advocate; currently, we are educating each other, and ourselves, so that we can set our priorities and begin our work.